A lift kit installation can boost your truck's looks and performance in Walker Valley, NY

Do you want to raise the body of your truck a few inches? A lift kit installation can make your truck look cooler and perform better off-road. No matter why you want to raise your truck, you can count on Walker Valley Auto and Truck Repair to handle the task.

For more than 20 years, our team in Walker Valley, NY has been working hard to improve the performance of all kinds of trucks. You can count on us to improve yours by completing:

Lift kit installations
Turbocharger upgrades
Fuel injector replacements
Exhaust installations
Engine repairs
Transmission upgrades
Bullet proofing upgrades

To find out more about our comprehensive services, call 845-744-6441 right away. Our team will happily answer your questions about anything from lift kit installation to engine repair services.

Get services for your diesel truck

It's easy enough to find services for a gas truck, but what about diesel? We provide a full range of services for both. We even sell and install diesel performance parts. Ask us for more information about diesel performance products by contacting us today.